Jerusalem artichokes – CURE FOR DIABETES!

The plant Jerusalem artichokes, Latin name Helianthustuberosus, also known by the names of Jerusalem artichokes and Jerusalem artichokes, stem has a height of 2 to 3 meters with yellow flowers, is in appearance very similar to sunflower.


The healing properties of Jerusalem artichokesnumerous

Although a pleasant sweet taste, the plant Jerusalem artichoke contains a small amount of calories. Rather, it is about 73 calories per 100 grams, which is quite a small amountthan is the case with domestic potatoes. However, what a wild potatosubstantially different from domestic eat what is rich in inulin. This matter is by no means to be confused with insulin, because it is a polysaccharide that can be easilyconverted tofructose (natural fruit sugar), insulin is a hormone.Each tuber contains about 25 percent of the precious inulin and it represents a kind of a natural substitute for synthetic probiotics, because it stimulates the development of beneficial intestinal bacteria, to maintain the normal balance of the intestinal microflora and easily digestible.The plant Jerusalem artichoke is recommended against constipation, and to reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. In addition, inulin favors the proper functioning of the heart and regulates blood pressure.
Its tuber is a rich source of minerals that are very important for the human body and health, but the most common are phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium.

Unsightly wild potato is packed with vitamins

Jerusalem artichoke plant in spite of its somewhat unsightly phenomenon, offers a lot when it comes to health. Namely in it are represented as vitamins C, D, and B complex vitamins and provitamin beta carotene. Although there are no large quantities, they dispite of  carotene together form an ideal combination which is a natural antioxidant and thus helps in the expulsion of harmful free radicals. It was most of thiamine, or vitamin B1, which has 0.2 milligrams per 100 grams of fresh čičokine tubers.
Jerusalem artichokes are characterized by a high level of protein because of its tubers contain more of this matter than is the case with other similar vegetables. Namely, in 100 grams of wild potato is 3 grams of protein, namely the complex of essential amino acids, which are separated methionine, cysteine and taurine, and with them there is a significant amount of sulfur.
Since the plant Jerusalem artichokes are high in fiber, allows us to correct bowel movement and helps in relieving the symptoms of diarrhea. In addition, it gives the body more energy, helps to speed metabolism and fat burning. Therefore, it is often recommended for athletes because it helps the development and recovery of connective tissue in the body.

Outstanding food for diabetics

When it comes to the glycemic index, Jerusalem artichoke plant on this scale has a value of 50. This means that the consumption of these foods, as opposed to domestic potatoes, completely safe for people with diabetes, since it does not increase blood sugar levels. On the contrary, medical analysis proved that it can be freely used in unlimited amounts on a daily basis, which results in lowering blood sugar.

It helps with weight loss

Due to the fact that it contains a large amount of useful fibers that create a feeling of satiety, Jerusalem artichokes are recommended for weight loss. Because, unlike potatoes, does not contain starch, but is rich in other valuable nutrients If you regularly of Jerusalem artichoke in the diet, you can be sure that you are on the right track to gradually reduce and eventually remove unwanted fat deposits.

Jerusalem artichoke herb relieves stomach problems

When abdominal pain caused by a reduced amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, instead of reaching for synthetic solutions and various tablets, is free to use Jerusalem artichoke as a medicinal product. Thanks to thiamine, which synthesize all carbohydrates and products hydrochloric acid, resulting in a normal protein metabolism.
Reduction in the amount of gastric acid are not safe, as in this case developing bacteria which are harmful to the digestive system, and results in diarrhea and sudden loss of water from the body. In this case, it is best to eat soup with Jerusalem artichokes, every day until the symptoms have completely disappeared.

Reduces high blood fats

The healing properties of wild potatoes, a particularly high potassium levels, enabling normalizing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. It is advised to consume people who have problems with elevated fat in the blood vessels, and is useful for those who have an inborn risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Strengthens hair roots and reduces the decline

Since it contains iron, copper and vitamin C, doctors often advised to use Jerusalem artichoke as a remedy for the problems of hair loss. 100 grams contains 20 percent of the daily amount of these minerals that are much needed if you have fine hair weak and prone to breaking and falling. Iron contributes to a better supply of cells with oxygen and copper provides strength to the hair, and will therefore be the follicle will create healthier and stronger hair will be stronger and brighter.

Jerusalem artichokes salad stronger potency

Men who have problems with erectile dysfunction as a natural solution is recommended to plant Jerusalem artichokes for stronger potency. Since it contains magnesium, it represents a kind of natural aphrodisiac and works on sexual function among members of the stronger sex so it solves the problems of impotence and therefore increase sperm motility and fertility accelerates.


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